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Live a Nicotine - Free Life
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Sunday, 18 August 2019


Groups and their Meetings

• Form when two or more people meet with the desire to stop using nicotine. Finding a meeting space and acquiring a Nicotine Anonymous Starter Kit are two of the first steps usually taken;

• Meet regularly, usually weekly, to support each other in the practice of the 12 Steps and to share their experience, strength and hope with newcomers;

• Practice attraction rather than promotion by announcing to the general public the fact of their existence, their meeting time and day, while making no claims or guarantees of recovery. This is called outreach.

• List their group's meeting day, time, place and contact information with Nicotine Anonymous World Service Office so that their group can be found (Click here to find meetings);

• Join together geographically to form Intergroups to facilitate the activities listed above.