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Live a Nicotine - Free Life
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Sunday, 18 August 2019


Copyright and Reprint Policy - All individuals or organizations must secure permission, in writing, from the World Services Office before quoting or reprinting any Nicotine Anonymous material. Photocopying literature from printed material or copying from the World Services website to any website or for public distribution is copyright infringement. Individuals are encouraged to read Nicotine Anonymous literature at the official website. Literature may be purchased from the online store or by downloading a literature order form.

Pamphlets in English


· Nicotine Anonymous - The Book
· Our Path to Freedom
· A Year of Miracles
· Newcomer’s Booklet
· 90 Days, 90 Ways
· Introducing Nicotine Anonymous
· To the Newcomer and Sponsorship in Nicotine Anonymous
· How NicA Works
· Nicotine Anonymous: The Program and The Tools
· A Nicotine User's View of The Twelve Steps
· The Serenity Prayer for Nicotine Users
· Nicotine Anonymous Slogans To Help Us Be Happy,
· Tips for Gaining FreedomThis document is in PDF format.
· Facing the Fatal Attraction
· To the Dipper and Chewer
· Our Promises
· What Do Nicotine Anonymous World Services and Intergroups Offer Me and My Group?
· Intro to the Medical ProfessionThis document is in PDF format.
· 3rd and 7th Step Prayers
· The Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous
· Are You Concerned About Someone Who Smokes or Chews Tobacco?
· The Twelve Traditions of Nicotine Anonymous
· The Twelve Traditions of Nicotine Anonymous (Extended Version)
· Booklet of The Twelve Traditions of Nicotine Anonymous (Extended Version)
· Voices of NicA (CD)